Scott R. Better Than Leather

just a side note to you ms kathy- when you 1st started out more than 20 years ago i had purchase one of your original tool rolls for what i had thought was way too much money,well-the jokes on me! after two plus decades it was time to replace your well worn tool roll-with another one of the same quality and of course by you! better than leather -



great product(s) don't ever change your winning formula -

your still one of the best kept secrets out there-

not for much longer i suspect---



Tipping my hand a bit,I've been legally motorcycling and motorsporting since

'72 and I've interacted and corresponded with a diverse amount of various

products and companies through the few years on the road,  none up to now

has ever taken the time to bring service and customer service to this high

of a level-it would speak volumes for other companies to achieve this

level,however I'm quite happy to have one be on top- all others will have to

line up behind and follow your lead. .......

I've had this great item in use riding BMW,HARLEY-DAVIDSON,SUZUKI and driving my VOLVO(s) as well as my MG-   100,000 plus and 'plus' miles of use and a few decades plus of service under adverse severe service and weather,from rain to the extremes of heat\cold and some snow too.

 I look forward to future dealings and business with you.