Satisfying Purchase

After lots of research on liners for my Kawasaki Concours, I decided on Kathy's. I was in Norfolk, VA at the time and realized that they were located out in the mountains just west of me! I made an appointment, told them what I needed so they would be sure to have it ready for me, and off I went. What an amazing experience it turned out to be. It's this cool shop in the middle of the mountains right off the Blue Ridge Parkway in one of the nicest little hip towns I have ever visited. The product is precisely what I was looking for. Quality of materials, fit and finish are all to very high standards that you would be hard pressed to match and unlikely to exceed. Hand crafted by an American the day prior to my purchase and guaranteed to last me the rest of my life! We don't often get those once commonplace experiences these days. This turned out to be one of the most satisfying purchases I have every made. Who would have thought that buying a bag of all things would be so exciting and fulfilling. Of course, any excuse to head to the mountains is good enough for me! Keep up the good work you hard-working folks in Floyd, VA

-Keith C.... from New Hampshire "Live Free or Die"